by Cami Tapley

Gibraltar Series, Book Three ~ Available Soon

As Jem and Clary make a decision about their future, Paul is lost in indecision over his own. Clary struggles to maintain her relationship with Paul, while fearing that the reappearance of Jem’s uncle in Brannon will threaten any chance her father might have with Jayne. Through confusion and sorrow, joy and realization, the love of family proves faithful, as the Borderlines face big changes together in this third installment of the Gibraltar series.

©2014 Lindenville Publishing

An Update from Cami

After I finished and circulated Gibraltar, I was often asked when the sequels were forthcoming. It took me several years to get around to working on and finishing them, and by 2014, I had completed the two sequels, McKenna and Brannon. I made the mistake, however, of publishing all three stories in one, big printed volume. The Facebook Twitter generation has no use for thick books, and the sequels ended up unread. I thought for a long time how to handle this, and I came to the conclusion that the best solution is to cut the dead weight of a print edition, and offer them separately as ebooks. Gibraltar: A Novel and McKenna are available at Amazon, and Brannon will be when my techie (my son) has time to make it standalone.

After this, I will move onto finishing a fourth book in the series—and keep it skinny! ; ) Look for it hopefully some time in 2018!