by Cami Tapley

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Paul was abandoned by his father, lost his mother to a drunk driving accident, and overcome his own alcohol addiction through the help of his faith and a wise and caring mentor, Father Carlos. Then Paul meets McKenna Franks, and she and her family open the eyes of his lonely heart to see potential he’s never dared to accept for himself before. When an important opportunity calls him on, a new test begins: will he keep the door of his heart open, or will he succumb to a familiar voice from his past instead—Whenever something is gone, it’s gone; when it’s passed, it’s past; when it’s out of your reach, you’ll never reach it.

©2012 Lindenville Publishing

Gibraltar Series, Book Two

I created the character of McKenna Franks in 2004, the same year I finished Gibraltar: A Novel. I got far enough into the writing of what I’d planned to be the direct sequel, Brannon, that I should’ve been able to finish it, but the inspiration for it simply stopped half way through. In Brannon I introduce a dilemma that Clary’s cousin, Paul, must deal with—namely, the revelation of a relationship he left behind in Florida with a special girl named McKenna. I couldn’t elaborate on it and focus sufficiently on all the Gibraltar characters. So, I deviated from the Gibraltar Series at that time and began writing A Faery Story, which I finished in 2009.

Fast forward to summer 2012: After working in tandem with my son to install a new dishwasher for me, my son-in-law asked me tongue-in-cheek, “What are you going to do with all your time now?” I answered glibly, “Maybe I’ll write a book,” to which he innocently remarked, “Yeah, maybe you’ll finish your story, or write a different book.”

Or write a different book“—I finally realized that the only way I could move forward in this series was to back up.

In McKenna, we learn about Paul’s life in Orlando during precisely the same time that Jem is making his decision to journey to Gibraltar. It’s important to rewind, because when we meet Paul in Gibraltar, he is a “tidy” character; we know nothing about the multiple facets of his life. In McKenna we get the full story, as well as a needful introduction to McKenna Franks and her inspiring family, revealing the details that led to Paul’s move to Michigan in the first place, and readying us for what to hope for in Brannon.